Rescue Animals

Well of course primarily we take in small animals. They will stay with us till the end of their days, but we try and rehome them to make sure we can keep rescuing more animals!! We deal mostly with guinea pigs, who'll be kept inside in a spacious c&c cage. Animals don't belong in cages so we provide only the best accomodation!!


We teach people about animal care, and responsible breeding (ie NOT AT ALL!). This site offers info on basic care, and we get people to spread the word about us and what we do. If you pop in to see us we can give you a 'hands on' demo of what's required to be a responsible pet owner.


Going on holiday? We'll take care of your pet. Just drop them round with dry food and any toys and we'll look after them for up to two weeks. They'll have daily socialisation, feeding, etc. Prices are below (email us if interested or want more details). We don't offer boarding to horses, fish or birds.

Hamsters/mice/gerbils/degus/jirds-£1.50 a day
Rabbits- £2.50 a day
Guinea pigs- £2 a day