About Us

Current permenant residents:
3 goldfish
3 assorted danions
5 guinea pigs
1 cat
2 bantams
3 rabbits
2 gerbils
12 guinea pigs
Little Creatures Rescue is a teeny little rescue centre in Wiltshire. We give a home to pretty much any creature, but mostly guinea pigs and other rodents. We'll home anything from an goldfish to a goat, hamster to horse. Yes, not really a 'Small animal' rescue!
   We're a non-profit, no-kill (we never put a healthy animal to sleep) shelter. No, we're not a registered charity because there seems to be no point, (it costs.) apart from the fact it helps when applying for grants. We fund solely on your donations, and money raised from selling various things (from homemade cookies to guinea pig food!!!)
We take in animals for all sorts of reasons: if it's sick and you no longer want to pay the vet bills, if they were wrongly sexed and started a family, or if you simply can't look after it. They'll find a home here, with lots of love, and they'll live out their days here, or we can rehome them.
   We won't breed from them (unless they're already pregnant) and won't put them through an operation unless it's totally needed (due to illness, or a pair of animals of the opposite sex being bonded.)
   Animals don't belong in cages, and it's out fault theres so many of them in the first place, so we provide maximum sized accomodation with plenty of stimulation and daily attention.
 We also rehome creatures though a network of volunteer homes- contact for more info! :)